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Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Fluoxymesterone
Pack: 60 tabs (10 mg/tab)
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What is Fluoxymesterone

Fluoxymesterone, also know under its trade name Halostine, is a man-made male hormone -  testosterone. Testosterone is an anabolic steroid which has powerful androgenic effects. In medicine, fluoxymesterone is prescribed for men who cannot naturally achieve enough endogenous testosterone levels, or when treating some hormonal imbalances. This drug is very similar to the naturally produced testosterone by a male body which is responsible for the development of the muscles, bones and genitals. Sometimes the substance can be used by females for curing breast cancer, as a palliative treatment of the androgen. However, the substance doesn’t cure cancer itself, it only treats the symptoms of metastatic breast cancer.  Also the drug can be used for other purposes which are not listed in the medical guide, such as helping adolescent boys with their puberty, teenagers with slowed or delayed puberty. This drug is affecting many human body systems by  helping it to work and grow normally.

How to take Fluoxymesterone

The drug comes in form of tablets of 10 mg each. The pill is to be taken by mouth with or without food. The dosage of Halotest depends on a variety of factors such as one’s weight and height, general health condition and on ones health problems. It is strongly recommended not to take this drug in larger or smaller amounts or for a prolonged period than advised. To get the best result it is also recommended to take this drug approximately at the same time each day if possible. In order to avoid some potential side effects of the drug, do not suddenly stop using it, especially if it has been used in high dosages or for a long period of time. This action should be consulted with a doctor. Usually, Halotest is taken 1 to 4 (10 to 40mg) times a day and one should not increase the dose, the substance should be taken more frequently, or taken for a longer period of time to lower the risks of side effects. Also do not take 2 doses at once! If a dose of fluoxymesterone is missed, it should be taken as soon as possible, however if too much time has passed then just skip that missed dose and continue the regular plan.

Note: if stomach aches persist, take the drug with food in order to reduce stomach irritation.

Side effects of Fluoxymesterone

When used in normal doses one should not have serious side effects. Many people don’t have any of the side effects listed below but only if used correctly. The good news is that many side effects are predictable in terms of duration and onset of the drug; also, almost all side effects are reversible so they will disappear as soon as the substance is no longer used.

Common side effects for females include: Clitoral enlargement (which is sometimes irreversible), acne, nausea, and weight gain, irregular or total absence of menstrual periods, deepening of voice or even loss of fertility.

Common side effects for males: breast swelling, trouble urinating; mood changes such as anxiety, depression or stress; problems with sleeping, and prolonged erections (3+ hours). If noticed any of the above side effects immediately consult your doctor!
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take with food, any oral steroids!

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