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GOAL: Strength & Cutting
TYPE: Tabs
ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Fluoxymesterone
STRENGTH: 10mg/tab
AMOUNT: 50 tabs

Haloplex Detailed

Buy Haloplex Axiolabs

Haloplex by Axiolabs is an oral steroid with active subtance Fluoxymesterone.

Haloplex has strong androgenic properties and will give user strength and if used towards end of cycle will work well towards better hardness effect.

Since it affects liver high dosages and long cycles must be avoided. When I say long I mean 5 weeks and dosage not more than 40mg/day.

The Haloplex (read Fluoxymesterone) is not for newbies and must be always started in small dosages like 10mg/day to see how it works for me.

As a test cycle it can be run for 2 weeks at 10-20mg/day.

Taking 10mg before workout will increase energy and power.

Half life is around 8 hours.

Do NOT stack with other orals.

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