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Substance: Methyltrienolone
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Ortrexyl Detailed

What is Ortrexyl

Methyltrienolone substance of Ortrexyl is extreme potent oral anabolic steroid, one of the most powerful of all steroids. This is the closest relative of Trenbolone, methylated for oral administration. As well as Trenbolone, it does not produce estrogenic side effects. Also, Methyltrienolone is really much more dangerous to the body than Trenbolone. Its androgenicanabolic activity is more than the one of methyltestosterone at the average of 120-300 times. From the ratio of action, this steroid surpasses many steroids that are now on the market.

Methyltrienolone was first described in 1965. This is one of the most powerful anabolic steroid that was never sold in pharmacies. This drug was only used in laboratory studies. According to research of treatment of breast cancer conducted in the 1960s and 1970s, Methyltrienolone slowed and in some cases reversed the process of tumor growth. In the mid-1970s Methyltrienolone was tested in animals to determine binding to androgen receptors. Its activism and resistance to binding proteins of blood allowed it to easily become the reference substance.

How to use Ortrexyl

Realistically, this steroid can be used only in laboratories, in the experiments, since its high hepatotoxicity excludes its use in humans. There are plenty of safer steroids.

If you still decided to use Ortrexyl in your course, you will need to take this steroid very carefully, make pre-course tests, and also not take it more than for 4-6 weeks. Methyltrienolone has not been approved for use in humans. This drug is not recommended to improve physical fitness because of its high hepatotoxicity. Those who really want to use this medication should take seriously its toxicity. They need regular blood tests to ensure that the drug does not damage the liver. The drug is not used for longer than 4 weeks. To gain enough anabolic effect, it is sufficient to take 0.5 mg of the drug. Dosages can range from 0.5 mg to 2 mg per day.

Side effects of Ortrexyl

Ortrexyl activity is accompanied by severe toxicity, and this limits its use to the laboratory environment. Methyltrienolone does not have estrogenic activity. This can cause side effects of progesterone, such as cessation of the production of testosterone and increase in body fat. Methyltrienolone is classified as an anabolic, but androgenic side effects are possible. This can be increased oily skin, acne, hair growth on the body and face. Anabolic steroids can worsen hair loss. Women need further aware of the potential effects of irregular periods, changes in skin texture, facial hair growth, and clitoral enlargement. Methyltrienolone is not recommended for women because of its extremely strong toxicity and tendency to cause virilization phenomena. Long time intake or at high doses can lead to liver damage. In rare cases may develop life-threatening dysfunction. It is desirable to periodically visit the doctor to monitor liver function. Methyltrienolone is a very powerful oral steroid, and has a high level of resistance to hepatic metabolism. This makes it very toxic to the liver, so it was never sold in pharmacies. Researchers came to the conclusion that it is the most toxic drug to the liver.
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