Cutting Super-Set Workout (1 month)

IMPORTANT: please use lighter weights than you usually do. Don't do all exercises in one day. Follow your muscle workout split but instead of usual exercises do the one I wrote here.

Because each one of you has a different workout regimen which is often nonadjustable I will write just exercises which needs to be done and you will put them on day you workout on specific muscle groups.

These exercises must be done during 1 month and only in super-sets.

Super-set: A supersetis performed when two exercises are performed in a row without stopping.

Each super-set is performed in 2-3 sets at 10-12 reps for each exercises.

For example Bench Chest Press + Cable Seated Fly. You will do 10 reps on bench and then switch immediately to cable seated fly and do there 10 reps too. Adjust weight so last 3 reps be done hard.


Bench Chest Press + Cable Seated Fly

Incline Bench Chest Press + Incline Dumbbells Fly

Dumbbell Pullover + Weighted Chest Dip


Arnold's Dumbbell Press + Staying Dumbbell lateral Raise

Level Military press + Barbell Upright Row

Dumbbell Front Raise + Lever Seated Rear Delt Row


Pull-Ups + Cable Seated Rows

T Bar Row + Rear Pulldown

Lever Underhand PullDown + Barbell Shrug

Lever Narrow Grip Seated Row (plate loaded) + Lever Shrug


Standing Dumbbell Alternate Biceps Curl + Hammer Curls
Barbell Preacher Curl + Reverse Barbell Curl


Barbell Close Grip Bench Press + Cable Bent-over Triceps Extension

Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension + Lever Triceps Extension
Dumbbell One Arm Triceps Extension + Weighted Triceps Dip


Leg extensions 4 drop sets. 10 reps for each set.

Squats + Leg press 10 reps in 5 sets


Staying calf raises + Lever 45° Calf Press (plate loaded)

Lever Donkey Calf Raise + Seated Calf Raise

*ABS are done each day. Simple, you choose any two favorite exercises and do both of them one after other with no rest in 3 sets and 25 reps for each.

After workout be sure to do some poses and flexing for a few minutes.

We want to thank Tom from GBNSTORE for providing us with this workout. You can read more of his bodybuilding articles here.


Jan 22, 2023

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